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While Fastlane was created in September 2012 as an alternative to “standard” communication agencies established in Brussels, we like to say that it was born in our heads way before that.


The core members of our team progressively met each other and worked on common projects since 2008. From separate and very different careers, we realised that we shared a common vision of communications and decided to work under the same banner


Communication is both overwhelming and underestimated. When seen as a simple tool to spread a message, it often fails to reach its full potential.


Rather than tools, Fastlane offers you comprehensive strategies. We build bridges between means of communications to create recognisable brands and memorable campaigns. Our approach can be summarised in two words: coherence and effectiveness.


Fastlane is, we hope, here to stay. We want to go beyond the usual client/supplier relationship by engaging into a continuous, long term dialogue where proactivity is key.


Regardless of what the future holds, one thing is certain: we won’t let our growth come at the expense of this philosophy. Fastlane is, and will continue to be, a family-minded agency more than a factory. Creativity, responsiveness and versatility will always come first, at a competitive cost.