Fastlane | European Biotech Week: Let’s celebrate!
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European Biotech Week: Let’s celebrate!

European Biotech Week 2014

This week is a special one for Fastlane. Since yesterday, events all across Europe have been celebrating the European Biotech Week for the second year in a row.  Our teams have been preparing this event for months, and many of our productions will be showcased on this occasion.


For its second edition, the European Biotech Week will see events taking place in Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and Lithuania. The objective is to showcase the sector’s contributions to advances in society through the likes of courses, conferences, experiments and open doors.


The week kicked off yesterday with an event at the European Parliament where attendees could find out about what beer and biotech have in common. Invitations designed by Fastlane had been sent ahead of the events, while a gigantic, 6 meter-long banner visitors of the celebration certainly will not miss.


Along with producing various brochures, invitations, flyers and magazine adverts, Fastlane was responsible for revamping the Biotech Week website earlier this year. We also created a new infographic on GMO safety assessment, and will soon start working on other products, including a follow-up to last year’s European Biotech Week Magazine.


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