Fastlane | CIBP selects Fastlane for new communication campaign
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CIBP selects Fastlane for new communication campaign

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CIBP, the International Confederation of Popular banks, has appointed Fastlane for what is set to become the most important collaborative communication campaign of its members to date. Our team was selected among a number of Brussels-based communication agencies for its understanding of the sectors’ needs and the creativity  behind its proposal.


The campaign, which is due for completion in July 2014, will consist of a brochure, an animation video and a customisable presentation aimed at various contries and target audiences. The campaign will build on  a “myth versus reality” concept where some of the main misconceptions linked to the popular banking system will be tackled.


It is important for CIBP that the contributions and operational values of Popular Banks are clearly understood and appreciated by financial regulatory authorities and consumers alike. Often, the specific mutual characteristics of Popular Banks are not fully recognised and valued when compared to the more monolithic, highly capitalised approach of ‘mainstream’ banking institutions.


Fastlane’s role will include consultancy and strategic advise, editorial services, graphic design and video production. Our team will endeavour to demonstrate the real and vital nature of the Popular Banking sector to stakeholders across the international banking community and highlight its key role in boosting regional and local economies whilst also supporting customers at the international level.

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