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Editorial boost for Fastlane!

Editorial boost fastlane

A small but growing communications agency has linked up with Fastlane to pool specialist editorial, writing and consultancy skills.


With a wealth of experience in content creation already, our team has now been joined by English-speaking specialist writers who can help you get your message out there in the most cost-effective and timely way possible. Our new areas of competence cover a raft of subjects from science and research to ICT, medicine, business, materials science, biotechnology, energy, environmental issues, industry, and many more.


We are experienced editors, too, with expertise in a wide variety of deliverables ranging from articles for the specialised and mainstream press, online and audio-visual content, fact sheets, brochures and press kits, technical authoring to academic papers.


Current projects include a bimonthly e-newsletter for a leading financial corporate, content and blogging for the chemical industry, web and print content for various European institutions, editing academic papers for university faculties, editing and consultancy for a leading player in virtual marketing in consumer goods, and copywriting and quality control for a commercial advertising agency – the complete package tailored to your communication needs.

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