Fastlane | Rewriting the EESC website
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Rewriting the EESC website

eesc website

Fastlane’s editorial team has been enlisted to refresh the content of the European Economic and Social Committee’s website. Our journalists will take the lead of this major update, rewriting the French version of the site while ESN will handle the English version based on our input.


The EESC, voice of the civil society in the EU decision-making process, is preparing a major update of  its website content in French and English. The task will be split between ESN and Fastlane, with our team taking care of the French version. The job consists in rewriting the existing texts in a more appealing way, removing outdated content and adding background information for visitors who are not familiar with the EU or the different issues the EESC monitors.


Committed to European integration, the EESC contributes to strengthening the democratic legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Union by enabling civil society organisations from the Member States to express their views at European level. The Committee promotes the development of a more participatory European Union where the civil society plays a key role, through the release of opinions provided to the European Commission, Parliament and Council.

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