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Design that fits like a glove

Design that fits like a glove

While there is no accounting for taste, there certainly is when it comes to graphic design. A well-thought layout is more than colours and structures. It should have a real meaning. It defines your organisation in a language anyone can understand. Fastlane does not just design your communication tools: We care about who you are, who you talk to and what your message is, letting this all reflect in our productions.

\ We do…

Visual branding

Playing with visual trends while thinking out of the box is an art, one that is also crucial to a brand’s success. Fastlane’s designers work according to the latest techniques while always looking forward. But what truly makes us stand out is our capacity to quickly grasp an organisation’s core messages and translate it into unique visual identities.

Brochures and magazines

Even in the middle of a digital era, brochures and magazines still leave an unmatched impression of professionalism and credibility.
Fastlane’s team members have a great wealth of experience creating such products, with a real creative approach that will surely catch the eye.

Flyers and posters

Leaving a long lasting impression with readers doesn’t always require long, exhaustive publications. On the contrary: when done right, less paper also means more impactful messages and visuals.


“Death by Powerpoint” is a well known virus. It is to be taken seriously, but can certainly be tackled with a largely visual approach supported with short, impactful messages. Our team will design these added value presentations for you, be it in Powerpoint or with Prezi.


User migration from desktops to mobile devices has been game-changing for email campaigns. Traditional layouts are now obsolete and barely readable on smartphones. But does it mean newsletters are dead? Not at all, as long as your designer thinks mobile first.


Sobriety, modern features and out of the box thinking are key to the creation of innovative websites. We provide you with two layout alternatives, allowing you to choose between the sober and the creative design or even take a bit of both. We use the most advanced interactive features, and all our websites are responsive.


Innovative concept and layout are essential to an app’s success. Fastlane makes the best use of touch-enabled features to provide a great UI experience for your clients.

Digital publications
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