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Immortalising EUREKA successes

eureka success stories

Cooperation is a beautiful thing, all the more when it involves scientific research which will eventually benefit all European citizens. The EUREKA Network is the cradle of such cooperation, and Fastlane’s journalists will now tell some of its success stories. Our team has been enlisted to report on the outcomes of EUREKA-supported advances in science and technology, and will be doing so from this month onwards.


Improved medical care, ┬ásustainable energy technologies or game-changing ICT breakthroughs are just some of the many achievements the EUREKA Network can boast about. This pan-European organisation founded in 1985 aims at “boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.”


EUREKA’s role consists in facilitating cross-member state cooperation in technology. The independent network managed to complete over 2,600 projects in its almost 30 years of existence, and has been promoting their benefits for society through success stories published on its website.


What better way to start the year than to contribute to this important exercice of communication? As of now, Fastlane will be one of the agencies contributing to the writing of EUREKA’s success stories and will keep doing so across 2014 and hopefully beyond. The success stories will of course be published on our website as they get released, so stay tuned!


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