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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Fastlane!

fastlane communications

Brand new cooperative communication agency, Fastlane brings together talented communications freelancers with a common mindset: raising the bar of communication deliverables for businesses and European organisations.


Home to dozens of popular communication agencies, Brussels is also the capital of Europe. A city where hundreds of organisations need smart, creative communication tools and strategies to help them make their voice heard by EU institutions, stakeholders and European citizens alike.


Over the years, communication businesses have split into two categories: giant companies which compete in EU call for tenders, and smaller, specialised agencies who often subcontract their services to the latter. The “giants” often stick to services that are tailored to their clients, while the smaller agencies lack the all-round, coherent approach provided by larger structures.


Created in September 2012 by a small group of freelancers used to work together, Fastlane sits in-between these two approaches. Firstly, we provide five services which cover the whole spectrum of communications, with a team building on the creativity and constantly-improved knowledge of each individual. Then, our main strenght lies in our capacity to make each commucation tool fit for a broader, coherent strategy. In other words; we do not only create a website, brochure or video: we make sure that each of these deliverables is adapted to your objectives and target audiences, provide advice on how to maximise your impact and solutions to measure it.


Fastlane is a shortcut to success, one that will also make you stand one step ahead of competitors. To ensure that, we have four aces in our hands: a guarantee to make you stand out, a real business understanding, integrated solutions and a command of the latest communication trends and technologies, all-resulting in added value for money. So, do not think twice and take the Fastlane!

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