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Make your website feel like home

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It is always exciting to have a great website with equally great features and content but, without the server to back it up, the user experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. Already providing the likes of web design, integration and development, Fastlane has just filled a gap in its range of web services by adding hosting solutions to its capabilities.


Quality, performance and security are the main strengths of our new, in-house web hosting solution. It relies on four main technologies to offer the best service at the most competitive cost: a cloud infrastructure, a replicated infrastructure, a strong backup mechanism and an effective monitoring mechanism.


  • A sudden and unforeseen event has dramatically increased your traffic? Our cloud infrastructure allows for easily scaling the application when high resource consumption is observed. Additional servers start running the application to ensure performances that are always at their best, and the traffic is balanced equally between the servers.
    This mechanism also comes together with high quality of service. If a server suddenly stops responding to queries, multiple mechanisms will be triggered automatically to overcome the issue. The load balancer will stop querying the failing server has soon as it detects a problem and, at the same time, the cluster manager will start another server that immediately replaces the one that failed. Queries can then be answered by this new server, and your users will not suffer from any slowing down.
  • You cannot afford your website to be down? A replicated infrastructure is used for the services that cannot be easily put in a cloud, such as databases, email, ftp servers, etc. The content of each server is replicated in real time on a secondary server to ensure redundancy. If the primary server crashes, the secondary server automatically takes over, ensuring full functionality of the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your data is a treasure to you? Our backup mechanism keeps track of the space we made available for you. Concretely, even if critical data have been destroyed, they can still be restored using this mechanism. All data (FTP storage, databases, emails) are secured. Furthermore, the backups are regularly synchronized in another datacenter to ensure recovery in case of incidents.
  • Too often, the client is first to identify a problem with his website. With our unique monitoring mechanism that continuously verifies the correct operation of all servers, email alerts are automatically sent to our technicians should a problem arise, so that an action can be quickly taken.

With all these solutions combined, Fastlane now offers one of the most effective and reliable hosting infrastructures you can dream of.

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