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Makeover for EUREKA

For a company doing graphic design nothing is more meaningful than being trusted with the creation of a client’s corporate identity. Fastlane was recently blessed with this opportunity and defined the new look of EUREKA for the years to come.


Earlier this year Fastlane won a major call for tender for the creation of  EUREKA’s new set of visual guidelines. The 48-page long document, which is now available on EUREKA’s website, includes a brand new logo which seamlessly integrates the EUREKA name and tagline, as well as various templates. Future EUREKA publications, from the biannual “EUREKA News” brochure to the organisation’s e-newsletter, annual report, email signatures and business cards,  will now all benefit from Fastlane’s touch.


These new guidelines build on EUREKA’s new tagline “Innovation across borders” with a strap declined in various styles across EUREKA publications and official documents. We translated EUREKA’s involvement in technology with minimalistic and modern aesthetics where each graphic element counts and serves a purpose. This should result in more appealing and user-friendly communication products.

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