Fastlane | New issue of Wonderful Vinyl now available!
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New issue of Wonderful Vinyl now available!

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Now designed and written by Fastlane, the new edition of ECVM’s Wonderful Vinyl newsletter is available on


This fourth issue includes articles on Qatar’s concept stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a presentation of a new concept of bookstore in Shanghai, a trampoline bridge across the Seine river in Paris, as well as an intriguing venue meant to welcome and inspire attendees of a conference on the ‘House of the future’ in Denmark.


Edited every quarter, Wonderful Vinyl presents the latest innovations and sustainable projects made possible through the use of PVC. It fosters better knowledge and work towards reputation building for PVC in Building & Construction, in day-to-day life and design applications, provides easy access to additional and related information via internet links and facilitates networking among like-minded people who appreciate this material.

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