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REU55 : Dementia: investing against the trillion dollar disease

Our societies often pride themselves for the steadily growing lifespan of their citizens. According to the latest update of the EU’s Ageing Report, published in 2015, life expectancy will increase by 7.1 years for males and 6 years for females by 2060. But whilst living longer is definitely a great thing, ageing well is a challenge that has yet to be taken up – with dementia being the most pressing matter on the scientific front.


In Europe only, the soon to become ‘trillion dollar disease’ already affects 8.7 million people and proliferates in the face of relatively ineffective treatments and delayed diagnosis. European associations are calling for more coordination at the EU-level and stress that ‘tackling the dementia challenge must become a priority for all EU governments if this is to be contained and not spiral out of control in the coming years.’


As with other topics before it, this issue of the research*eu results magazine approaches solutions to dementia-related challenges that are being brought forward thanks to EU-funded research. Ten of the most recently completed, or soon to be completed, projects are presented, covering every aspect of research from computer models to diagnosis and treatment. These include the promise of a cure for Huntington’s disease, brain cell transplants, a new generation of brain pacemakers and the use of nanotechnology for better diagnosis.


Other topics in this edition include the following highlights:


– Chest pain treatment offers hope for the fight against neglected fungal diseases

– What knowledge societies can learn from foraging societies

– Disrupting the solar energy status quo

– A deeper understanding about the causes of sea-level rise

– New interactive app encourages users to adopt healthier lifestyles

– EU Scientists use silver to make lights shine more brightly

– New tools and methods to protect Europe’s Critical Infrastructure

– Innovative stacking technique results in highly detailed images of Mars


The research*eu results magazine is the main source of information for all findings related to EU-funded science projects. It covers a large spectrum of topics including biology and medicine, environment, energy, transport, ICT, industrial technologies, social sciences and space. It is published 10 times per year in English.


For more information, sign up for a free subscription and to download the new edition, please visit:

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