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Spotlight on European 5G initiatives

The fifth issue of CORDIS’ research*eu focus magazine, entitled “Why is the EU is betting big on 5G” was released this month with contributions from Fastlane. The FOCUS magazine is a cornerstone of CORDIS’s editorial products, and being able to participate in its production is a great achievement for our team.


The 40-page magazine looks into the rationale behind the EU’s strong commitment to the development of 5G, the opinion of European industry leaders on what this technology could look like and its expected benefits for EU citizens. It is divided into 4 sections:


  • Defining the next generation of communication
  • An R&D path to EU leadership
  • Spotlight on FP7 research
  • All for one: the 5G PPP


Fastlane is officially part of the CORDIS family since January, playing the role of consultant for Tipik, the communication agency which took over the CORDIS framework contract in 2013. Our role consists in writing original contributions for the CORDIS websites and magazines, acting as editorial coordinators for various products including the magazines and dissmination actvities for CORDIS’ Top Stories, and advising on CORDIS’s overall editorial strategy.


The 5G magazine was structured by our team, and we are also responsible for some of the articles it includes.


CORDIS research*eu focus is a magazine where each issue covers a specific topic of research interest. It features articles on EU policies, initiatives, programmes and projects related to research and technological development and their exploitation. It is published by CORDIS at irregular intervals up to six times a year in English. Exceptionally, it may be available in other European languages as well.


The magazine is available for download on the CORDIS website.


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