Fastlane | End-of-Waste = end of recycling?
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End-of-Waste = end of recycling?

Could the European Commission’s End-of-Waste criteria put an end to paper recycling in Europe? Convinced that the new proposal will have dramatic consequences for paper mills involved in recycling, CEPI demonstrated in front of the European Commission’s Berlaymont building yesterday.


The event, which revolved around several pallets of paper and carton waste as well as banners with messages such as “Commission proposes end of recycling”, was covered by Fastlane. Our team was in charge of filming and editing a video aimed at journalists and stakeholders around Europe.


“The European Commission proposal on End-of-Waste (EoW) criteria for paper fails to address the objectives of increasing the quality and availability of paper for recycling and will have an adverse impact on making Europe a resource efficient recycling society. In 2012, 71.7% of paper consumed in Europe was recycled. Used paper has become the single most important raw material for the European paper industry with some mills being completely reliant on it for their feedstock. The Commission proposal threatens Europe‚Äôs ability to maintain its recycling rates for paper, let alone improve them”, CEPI explained.

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