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Connect to your audience

The Web is an incredible platform to show off your company as a young, forward-thinking and transparent organisation. Such perception is, of course, priceless. Using only open source CMS, we provide cost-efficient solutions building on the latest design and development trends while minimising development time. The best of both worlds.

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\ We do…


Sobriety, modern features and out of the box thinking are key to the creation of innovative websites. We provide you with two layout alternatives, allowing you to choose between the sober and the creative design or even take a bit of both. We use the most advanced interactive features, and all our websites are responsive.


Although certainly worth the effort, managing a blog can be very time consuming if you want to do it right. Our team will give you a hand, from conception to layout, development and content creation.

Open-source CMS

Fastlane had a vast amount of expertise customising  CMS user experience on both Drupal and WordPress.

Social media

Fastlane creates tailored social media campaigns for you. We also manage social media accounts with a commitment to reach key targets.


If mobile apps are trending, finding the right concept to create a buzz is not an easy task. We will guide you in this process, and create truly awesome apps concepts for your business.

Plugins and modules

You have something in mind for your website but can’t find the right plugin or module? Fastlane has a custom solution for everything you can imagine.


With a huge diversity of email clients, each more or less compatible with HTML and CSS functions, creating an e-newsletter has become a real art. Fastlane masters it, and even offers responsive design on email clients that support it.


Fastlane provides innovative hosting solutions for your websites and mobile applications. Our servers are both fast and reliable.